A letter to my siblings.

“Socialism fails due to favoring those with poor moral character. It therefore leaves behind the vindictive & the useless.” Ashton Deroy

That is an indirect quote from Socialism Heaven on Earth by PBS

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Dear Siblings,

Right now I am only talking to Matt. I need to understand my struggle in this family and in order to do that I need better understand the treatment of Matt.

Ashley – You are at times a great sister. You are also reckless, irresponsible and you dropped out of high school. I need you to get it together before you contact me again. I don’t enjoy this anymore.

Kyle – You are a drug addict. I still loved you enough to make sure you had weed and soup well you were sick. Why did I do this? I didn’t want to lose you but you can live without me. So have a fair well for now song!

Island honey at your favorite dispensary Trichomes in Kingston is $8 a gram. I paid more for your weed regularly.

I need/want Tracy and Dad to develop me as an intellectual but if that isn’t possible. I need go be on my own. I don’t value being held back by other people’s failures, stupidity and belligerence to my parents.

I love myself more than I love them. That is a hard pill to swallow.


Ashton Deroy

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