The bad older brother. Finale.

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I’ve been looking my way out of a morality problem I have had for years. What do I mean? I was a bad older brother. I have Autism and I have had repeat concussions from neglectful parents and occasionally psychotic siblings. As a result my head didn’t work right growing up. Further more being raised by people who struggled with questions of morality and addiction helped nothing as someone who required stability. Then there was Kyle Deroy. The person who offered me that stability.

I made a plan years ago that I was going to bail my brother out. I meant health wise, financially and legally. He has to let me though or he loses this test. I hope he does the right thing because he deserves a great life.

Dear Kyle Deroy,

This is an intervention.

With me having seizures and needing unrestricted access to my medical cannabis I need to start dealing with our mutual self-destruction. Otherwise I can’t become a Security Guard. I believe you need medical Cannabis for PTSD right now as well. You have untreated medical conditions that in the long run will ruin your relationship, ruin your finances and destroy the rest of our family.

What I believe happened to you?

  • You got caught in my psychotic Concussion + Autism + ADHD issues that manifested in unhinged aggression. For that I am very sorry.
  • You got pushed around by Mom & countless step siblings
  • You turned to Grandma McGraw and Nicole Hill for help. They can’t help you with this. You need someone with a relationship to law enforcement to make this call. I am going to do that for you.

How I went about this?

I made sure to start the process of alienating our family so I could do this without being stopped. You are a nurse buddy which means there are vulnerabilities with the current approach to your addiction that make this dangerous for other people! I don’t want you to quit smoking pot. I want you to quit hard recreational drugs and Shatter. It isn’t up to me though. It is up to you. I hope you make the right call! 🙂

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